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  1. Carbonnanotubes and nanofibres synthesized by CVD on nickel coatings deposited with a vacuum arc,
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  5. Magnetosheath for almost aligned solar wind magnetic field and flow vectors: Wind observations across the dawnside magnetosheath at X = -12 Re,
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  10. Self similar collapse of a circular cavity of a power law liquid,
    J. Gratton, C. A. Perazzo
    Journal of non-newtonian fluid mechanics, vol. 165, p. 158 - 162, 2010

En prensa

Corrientes viscogravitatorias en dos capas fluidas superpuestas,
C. A. Perazzo, J. Gratton
Anales afa, 2010

Convergent flow in a two layer system and mountain building,
C. A. Perazzo, J. Gratton
Physics of fluids, 2010

Efecto de la masa inducida sobre la aceleración de cuerpos de baja densidad,
J. Gratton, C. A. Perazzo
Anales afa, 2010

Departures from local thermodynamic equilibrium in cutting arc plasmas derived from electron and gas density measurements using a twowavelength quantitative schlieren technique,
L. Prevosto, G. Artana, H. Kelly, B. Mancinelli
Journal of applied physics, AIP, 2010

Development of a coaxial-stacked trielectrode plasma curtain,
D. Grondona, P. Allen, H. Kelly
Ieee transactions on plasma science, IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2010